Yakup Uslu was born in Yozgat in 1953. He graduated from Ankara Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy and completed at the same Academy his master’s studies in finance and tax.

Yakup Uslu, who started his professional activities in the Revenue Administration, worked in the central management of the Revenue Administration throughout his civil service life. During his work at the Revenue Administration, he took charge at all levels and most recently continued his activities as Deputy General Manager. Afterwards, Yakup Uslu, who was appointed as the Azerbaijani Baku Finance Advisor, contributed to the formation of Azerbaijan’s tax legislation.

Yakup Uslu, who worked as a manager in the units working on taxes on income, contributed to the preparation of the Turkish Value Added Tax Law and served as a manager in the units responsible for the implementation of the relevant Law.

Yakup Uslu provides consultancy services to BE&TA Law clients in determining possible tax risks due to individual and commercial activities, offering solutions against realized tax risks, tax inspections, restructurings, tax refunds and objections and lawsuits against unfairly accrued taxes.