BE&TA Law provides to its corporate clients practical and precise solutions to the queries and problems during the issuance, amendment and implementation of various contracts at every stage of commercial life. BE&TA Law offers consultancy on the obligations and procedures that companies must fulfill from their establishment to liquidation as well.

BE&TA Law offers following services in the field of Commercial and Company Law:

  • Registration of business in Turkey on the turnkey basis
  • Legal consultancy related to commercial contracts (agency, license, supply, franchise, etc.)
  • Drafting the articles of association of the capital companies, solutions for the problems in the existing contracts
  • Procedures related to the organization and registration of the board of directors, general assembly and shareholders’ meetings
  • Transactions related to the amendment of the articles of association and their registration
  • Transactions related to capital change (increase, decrease, simultaneous increase and decrease)
  • Drafting decisions in general assembly companies, providing solutions to the problems of companies with the registered capital system
  • Transactions related to the purchase and sale of partnership shares
  • Exiting and withdrawing from partnership
  • Disputes regarding dividend distribution
  • Exercising the right of preemption
  • Legal consultancy to companies on permanent basis
  • Transfer of management, bylaws, procedures related to the assignment of authorized signatories
  • Ordinary partnership and related processes