Capital market transactions, which come to the fore at the stage of bringing individual investments into corporate life, is one of the areas where BE&TA Law team specializes. In this field, which has complex legal regulations, the investor’s lack of information and the failure to take necessary actions at the stage of public disclosure may lead to irreparable results and the Capital Markets Board to resort to legal and penal remedies. The aforementioned results can also range from damage to the company’s reputation and financial losses to the criminal liability of the relevant managers and the cancellation of company permits. In terms of Capital Market Law in Turkey, it is necessary to protect investors and stock markets.

In this respect, we aim to provide our legal support to companies subject to the Capital Markets Law No. 6362 due to CMB transactions, especially transactions such as public offerings, issuance of shares and debt instruments, and registration in the stock market, and to protect investors.

Solutions and resolution of disputes are provided with expert knowledge, taking into account the issues that are jointly regulated in the subjects of Capital Market Law related to Commercial Law, Civil Law and Banking Law.

BE&TA Law offers following services in the field of Capital Market Law:

  • Legal opinions on the Capital Markets Law No. 6362 and the Communiqués of the Capital Markets Board
  • Legal support at every stage of the processes related to the public offering: preparation and registration of the resolutions of the Board of Directors and General Assembly, preparation and registration of the resolutions of the Board of Preferred Shareholders, reparation of the prospectus, announcements in related platforms
  • Legal opinions on the issuance of capital market instruments
  • Advice on identifying suitable capital market instruments
  • Public Disclosure Platform announcements, status statements
  • Making, following up and finalizing the necessary applications before the Capital Markets Board and other relevant institutions.
  • Organization of public company Board of Directors meetings and general assemblies: drafting resolutions, announcements, registration processes.
  • Legal support and resolution of disputes necessary for the protection of investors.