Arbitration cases, which contain complex and costly commercial disputes at their core, require a multi-directional legal approach. BE&TA Law aims to provide legal services by representing its clients in arbitration cases before national and international arbitration boards, including companies, with team of lawyers experienced in both academic and arbitration practices.

BE&TA Law offers following services in the field of arbitration:

  • Representation before national and international arbitration centers such as ICC Arbitration, TOBB Arbitration, ISTAC Arbitration, AIFC Arbitration, Russian Arbitration Center.
  • Providing legal opinion on pending arbitration cases.
  • Resolution of disputes regarding provisional and final acceptance


Date 1 February 2024

Work Permit Exemption

In essence, Work Permit is a permit issued as an formal document by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (“Ministry”) and gives the …

Date 15 February 2022


Turkey’s e-commerce market has seen record growth amid the pandemic. According to the
Turkish Ministry of Commerce, by the end of 2020, …