As BE&TA Law, we aim to assist our clients in taking their place in the fast-growing E-Commerce sector both in Turkey and around the world. Although there is not yet a comprehensive and detailed E-Commerce legal infrastructure in Turkey due to the fact that it is a developing sector, there are some legal regulations regarding E-Commerce activities that must be complied with. At this point, as BE&TA Law, our priority is to help businesses that will newly enter the sector to determine the legal requirements that must be complied and to ensure compliance with those regulations. We also aim to provide legal consultancy on the current questions and problems of our clients who have taken their place in the sector.

BE&TA Law offers following services in the field of E-commerce:

  • Legal support in negotiations and contract processes with domestic and foreign E-Commerce Marketplaces
  • Consultancy in compliance processes with Personal Data Protection  Legislation
  • Legal support in registration and related processes in the Electronic Commercial Transmission System
  • Legal advice in obtaining the trust stamp
  • In particular, legal consultancy and resolution of disputes are provided on the issue of making international payments in accordance with the banking legislation, electronic payment forms (remittance, credit card, debit card, virtual money, etc.).