BE&TA Law’s team has extensive experience in the field of Administrative law and provides legal support to our clients in administrative applications, lawsuits for cancellation of administrative decisions and acts, compensation cases due to administrative acts and cases arising from administrative contracts.

BE&TA Law offers following  legal services in the field of Administrative Law:

  • Follow-up of administrative cases related to public officers and legal consultancy
  • Follow-up of administrative cases arising from the zoning legislation and legal consultancy
  • Administrative lawsuits arising from expropriation procedures
  • Legal consultancy in the process of preparing the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report
  • Actions for annulment filed against the decisions made as a result of the EIA
  • Lawsuits filed due to tender procedures
  • Competition law consultancy and follow-up of litigation processes
  • Follow-up of lawsuits arising from cultural and natural assets legislation and legal consultancy


Date 1 February 2024

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