As BE&TA Law  we mostly offer amicable resolution of legal disputes, as this way is more advantageous in terms of both time and cost, and we primarily aim to resolve disputes to which our clients are parties, through negotiations.

On the other hand BE&TA Law team provides professional legal services in resolving disputes through litigation, both in civil and administrative jurisdiction as well.

BE&TA Law offers following services in the field of dispute resolution:

  • Suggestions on the measures that can be implemented in contracts in order to avoid conflicts
  • Legal support for the settlement of disputes amicably
  • Litigation in civil and administrative justice


Date 1 February 2024

Work Permit Exemption

In essence, Work Permit is a permit issued as an formal document by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (“Ministry”) and gives the …

Date 15 February 2022


Turkey’s e-commerce market has seen record growth amid the pandemic. According to the
Turkish Ministry of Commerce, by the end of 2020, …