In some cases and for various reasons, dumping and subsidy measures applied to foreign importers on the basis of country/product or company/product in order to support domestic producers and prevent unfair competition within the framework of the regulations in the Turkish Commercial Code and the laws on the prevention of unfair competition. In such cases, it is essential  to take legal support during the relevant administrative investigations and then apply to Administrative Courts for cancellation of the Ministry of Commerce’s Communiqués bringing dumping measures .

BE&TA Law has achieved tangible success in cancellation cases involving dumping and subsidy measures, and aims to lead its clients to success with its team that has a good grasp of the details of the process and relevant legislation.

BE&TA Law offers following services in the field of Dumping and Subsidy Litigations:

  • Legal support  in the dumping and subsidy investigation phase.
  • Opening and following up dumping and subsidy measures cancellation cases in administrative courts.


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